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Miércoles, 09 Marzo 2016 11:45

Time banks

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This project aims to reduce and solve the limited social participation and lack of community cohesion in the Metropolitan District of Quito, by creating a space for community building and activism called Time Bank that will promote an exchange of skills and knowledge among local communities. Time Banks will provide a cooperative space to encourage and promote the use of open dialogue and sharing of skills among the citizens of Quito.
In Ecuador, the city of Quito suffers from a city wide issue in the form of both limited social participation and a serious lack of community cohesion, within and between neighborhoods and political institutions at the local level. There has been an identified weakness in participation, organization and trust among the population of the Metropolitan District of Quito (DMQ). The project will set up a Time Bank community building mechanism for exchange, participation and organization of citizens, which will help tackle these weaknesses and build the capacities of communities.
The project aims at creating a space called “Time Bank” (TB) where civil society in Quito can articulate and integrate demands and offers that can be addressed by using the free time available by those participating in the initiative. The increased dialogue between citizens and local partners will contribute to community building in DMQ, and simultaneously promote voluntary action as a tool for greater solidarity.
The expected results of the project are that Time Banks will become an important tool for citizen participation and organization, while empowering its members and increasing public confidence; and to identify the different types of needs, and formulate strategies on how to improve the quality of life of people, especially women,
youth, and members of the community who are vulnerable and marginalized.
This project has been financed by The United Nations Democracy Fund – UNDEF and has an execution period of two years from March 2016 to March 2018.

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