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Miércoles, 09 Marzo 2016 11:49

Cities free of gender-based violence project

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International Woman Day celebration in Portoviejo International Woman Day celebration in Portoviejo Fundacion Esquel

This project has been financed by the United States Embassy and has an execution period of one year from October 2015 to September 2017. It targets the provinces of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas and Manabí to combat gender-based violence in public spaces, transforming them into safer spaces for women, girls, and general users.
It proposes as main components: a capacity-building process on advocacy, networking, and citizen participation mechanisms targeting civil society organizations working on women’s rights; a technical assistance process on gender policy-making addressed to Portoviejo and Santo Domingo Autonomous and Decentralized Governments to
transform public spaces into safer places for women and girls; and a strong awareness-raising component on gender-based violence addressing the public.
The project’s work plan considers a battery of actions such as: training workshops, advocacy and dialogue-opening meetings, experience exchange meetings, tailored technical assistance provision, and awareness-raising and educational campaign broadcasting.
Regarding the capacity-building component, it aims at strengthening a civil society organizations network working on women’s rights in their capacities to promote participation and dialogue among actors such as: transport unions, police, academia, media, local governments, and others as required.
On the other hand, the awareness-raising component seeks to tackle the gender-based violence problematic through the display of a non-traditional communication strategy to reach the public, using radio programs, social networks campaigns, cultural performances, and informational brigades in close collaboration with academic institutions.

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