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Martes, 15 Marzo 2016 10:35

Building effective policies against child labor in Ecuador and Panama

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Building effective policies against child labor in Ecuador and Panama Fundacion Esquel

This project’s execution started on 2013 for a four-year period in conjunction with the International Labor Organization (ILO) and with the financial support of the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL).
The project aims at providing comprehensive and long-term support to the policy-making process on the eradication of child labor at national and inter-sectorial levels.
This initiative indirectly benefits all Ecuadorian children affected by child labor abuse and directly benefits those from Quinindé and Guamote counties.
During these three years of implementation, Esquel has facilitated a series of activities in this pursuit, involving central government institutions such as: Labor, Education, Economic and Social Inclusion Ministries, the Ministry Coordinator of Social Development, and the Ecuadorian Service for Professional Training (SECAP in Spanish acronym); as well as the local governments and Parish Councils of Quinindé and Guamote. Several capacity building and strengthening processes have been implemented in the intervention territories targeting key public officials. Additionally, important alliances have been established with organizations such as: EducaFuturo, Comunidec and Fundación Manos Solidarias among others, through which the project’s level of response to the problematic has been enhanced.
Intervention zones: In Ecuador, the project targets the provinces of Esmeraldas (Quinindé Country) and Chimborazo (Guamote country), these being the territories where high levels of child labor are registered.
The project’s main accomplishment so far has been the updating of the Child Labor’s Most Dangerous Activities List in support of the Child Labor Eradication Project (PETI in Spanish acronym) lead by the Labor Ministry. This List was approved by the Ministerial Agreement No 031 and published in the Official Registry.
Furthermore, the project has contributed to the elaboration of a Training Guide to prepare PETI and Rights Protection County Councils’ technical staff in the application of the List at national level.

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