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Martes, 15 Marzo 2016 10:40

Quito Permanent Forum

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Foro sobre la situación de los barrios en Quito Foro sobre la situación de los barrios en Quito Fundacion Esquel

The Quito Permanent Forum (QPF) is a transparent, pluralistic and political independent space where the residents of the district of Quito discuss the problems of the city in order to present solutions and actions for providing welfare and equity to the residents. This citizen initiative was created in 2014 and it is integrated by 36 organizations from the civil society.
Esquel Foundation is one of the mentor organizations of the QPF. Esquel is deeply committed to strengthen the democratic processes in the country and, moreover, to support the multidimensional work that guarantees the duly human rights fulfillment in the district of Quito. The QPF will reinforce as well the relationship with other civil society and grassroots organizations. In this regard, the civil society will be responsible of preparing and presenting proposals with impact in the public policies that improve the rights status of the residents of Quito.
The QPF holds every month a General Assembly with all the members and regularly thematic commissions are stablished for discussing priorities and specific actions towards important topics in the district of Quito.
The QPF was created for allowing the residents of Quito to exercise their citizen participation already established in the Ecuadorian Constitution. Moreover, the Forum gives a space for public policies compliance, and above all it offers a space for building collectively a city that promotes better life conditions.

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