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Martes, 15 Marzo 2016 12:36

Citizen’s Agenda for the Ecuador of tomorrow

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Citizen’s Agenda for the Ecuador of tomorrow Fundacion Esquel

The Citizen’s Agenda is a collective action initiative of several civil society groups and organizations, among them Esquel Foundation, aiming to collectively work on the prioritization and drafting of a group of public policy proposals tackling Ecuador’s current core issues from a diverse, plural, and unbiased approach.
The purpose of this Agenda is to identify the main challenges and, on their account, work on policy proposals to be presented in broad-base forums and later on to 2017 presidential candidates.
To create a pluralistic forum of discussion on the main challenges Ecuador is facing in the next decennium; and to gather ideas, comments, critics, proposals reflecting citizens diversity and plurality.
To strategically guide and structure the discussion for the forum to set out a clear position reflecting the Ecuador we all want to live in, framed on a well-organized, aligned and pertinent dialogue.
To promote citizens endorsement and ownership of the Agenda to be advocated to the next electoral process candidates for its consideration in the next administration’s government plan. Hence, it becomes the main instrument of civil oversight and public demand.

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